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Episode 11: Preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 11: Preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America
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  • Ebola is now in America, and suddenly people are scrambling to get prepared
  • America is utterly defenseless against Ebola being flown right into major U.S. cities
  • How many people did this one Dallas patient infect before he was isolated?
  • Stock prices are skyrocketing as news of the pandemic spreads
  • The CDC advice to "wash your hands" is extremely irresponsible in what it leaves out
  • Ebola can spread from contaminated surfaces; no direct contact of body fluids required
  • How can Ebola ever be stopped if it spreads beyond half a million people in Africa?
  • The risk of Ebola establishing itself in America now seems higher than ever before
  • There may be undiagnosed Ebola carriers in other U.S. cities right now
  • Government routinely engages in delusional denials such as "Don't worry, Ebola will never arrive in America."
  • The current lie: "Don't worry, we have it under control."
  • The American public can't handle the truth about quarantines, food shortages and medical martial law
  • U.S. citizens have been taught the government will take care of them and that preparedness is "weird"
  • The U.S. government has owned the patent on Ebola since 2010
  • Genetic engineering scientists who worked on Ebola have openly called for a massive reduction in the human population by using a weaponized virus
  • Everything that has taken place in Sierra Leone and Liberia may be repeated in America: medical martial law, quarantines, food shortages, etc.
  • All your constitutional rights will be suspended in a medical emergency
  • The entire economy of Liberia is collapsing into "economic Hell" thanks to Ebola
  • Farms are being abandoned because farmers are staying home during the quarantine
  • Food supplies are collapsing and food deliveries have been halted
  • Quarantine zones quickly become death traps where those trapped inside face mass starvation
  • Ebola spreads exponentially, meaning there is a very small window of opportunity for containment
  • Understanding the mathematical progression of viral transmission
  • Will the U.S. government quarantine large cities like Dallas? If so, what will be the economic and social implications?
  • Once Ebola goes beyond containment, the national strategy shifts to trying to minimize the death count
  • As viruses mutate in the wild, they tend to become less fatal and more contagious
  • Mexico City could be a hot spot for the spread of Ebola that quickly makes its way into the southern USA
  • The U.S. government seems incapable of telling the truth about any topic that matters: national debt, vaccine safety, and so on
  • If you really want to survive, don't depend on government!
  • Current U.S. efforts in Africa are little more than elaborate theater; in reality they will have virtually no impact on the progression of the disease (and they put U.S. soldiers at risk of infection!)
  • If you want to survive a pandemic, you must take responsibility for yourself; don't bet your life on the government's response
  • This entire course is about individual empowerment; giving you the knowledge and tools to survive a pandemic even if the government completely fails to help
  • Consider the aftermath of a pandemic: massive geopolitical, social and cultural changes may take place
  • A pandemic could radically reshape the geopolitical landscape and even lead to the secession of states from the federal government
  • A global pandemic outbreak could also quickly lead to a global financial collapse by disrupting national and global economies
  • The Ebola pandemic is much more than a medical challenge; it has the potential to collapse and reshape entire societies
  • Highly specialized, complex societies are extremely vulnerable to systemic failures

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