Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 10: What will happen when Ebola spreads in America, Canada or Mexico by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 10: What will happen when Ebola spreads in Amer...
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  • (Note: this episode was recorded BEFORE the news broke about Ebola being discovered in Dallas. Much of what is predicted here has already come to pass...)
  • No one is ever as prepared as we'd like to be; we all need to improve our skills and preparedness plans
  • My intention with this course it to enhance both personal preparedness and national security
  • When governments tell people to NOT prepare, they create a weak nation with few redundancies
  • Local gardening and small farms create food security
  • Instead of teaching preparedness, our federal government criminalizes local food production and distribution (raw milk raids, etc.)
  • If 1+ million people get infected as is modeled by the CDC, how does the spread of Ebola ever stop?
  • There will be enormous economic consequences from any spread of the pandemic
  • Shutting down air travel would be catastrophic to the fragile U.S. economy
  • Banking and businesses could be severely disrupted
  • Ebola may be the last straw that fractures the global debt bubble
  • If Ebola begins to spread across the USA, all related preparedness supplies will be wiped out
  • Lessons from Fukushima: When everybody tries to get prepared all at once, supplies are quickly depleted
  • Retailers simply don't stockpile supplies for a pandemic
  • This is why you should stock up on supplies before everybody else comes to the same realization
  • Tyvek body suits are available right now on for under $7. But they will rapidly be sold out and unavailable
  • Ebola is very difficult for modern medical technology to stop; there is almost no attention paid to natural antiviral medicines and remedies
  • The logistics of manufacturing and why supplies can't simply be made in significantly higher quantities on short notice
  • The biggest "survivalist" of all is the U.S. government, which has built massive underground cities and bunkers stocked with decades of emergency supplies
  • The government has plenty of supplies to keep its top people alive; but do YOU have enough supplies?
  • Your most important survival tool is your brain (your skills and wisdom)
  • Get prepared now while you still can, before the masses wake up and rush for the supplies

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