Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 12: Remaining calm: Why Ebola preparedness leads to confidence and calm by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 12: Remaining calm: Why Ebola preparedness lead...
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  • The government tends to operate in a state of denial, causing ignorance among the public, which leads to panic
  • My approach is based on education, awareness and preparedness, all of which leads to confidence and calm
  • Reasons for remaining calm: You are already ahead of the masses in terms of knowledge and awareness
  • The sooner you get prepared, the more rational justification you have for remaining calm and confident
  • Are you ready right now to survive a 21-day quarantine in your own home?
  • Most Americans have no ability to survive for 21 days in isolation
  • Can you survive for 21 days without electricity?
  • Don't depend on food being available at grocery stores
  • Be prepared for looters to try to break into homes and businesses
  • Don't ever allow yourself to need food from the government
  • If you want to feel calm, give yourself good reasons to feel calm
  • There's still plenty of time to get prepared if you start now
  • Start making better decisions about where to spend your discretionary income
  • Build up your preparedness supplies consistently, over time
  • Have a bug out plan
  • Know when to bug out by monitoring local infection counts
  • Have some preparedness supplies stored at your bug out destination
  • Having options creates confidence and calm
  • In America today, you have remarkable access to anti-viral herbs and superfoods
  • Why you should be growing medicinal herbs and spices right now
  • Taking action now can lead to a sense of optimism about facing the future
  • Humanity will move forward even after a global pandemic
  • Understanding the origins of pessimism and panic
  • Panic comes from a lack of knowledge and a lack of preparedness
  • The CDC is contributing to panic by lying about modes of Ebola transmission
  • Be prepared with multiple layers of defense
  • By preparing for a pandemic, you are also simultaneously prepared against all other potential disasters
  • Stay calm by getting prepared!

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