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Episode 7: How to stop suppressing your immune system and start building up cellular defenses against pandemic infections by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 7: How to stop suppressing your immune system a...
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  • How to stop suppressing your immune system
  • America has a very weak population in terms of health: sedentary lifestyles, immunosuppressed bodies, living on junk processed foods, lacking real nutrition, taking far too many medications
  • People in agrarian nations tend to be physically stronger with more labor, more outdoor activity, etc.
  • America is the world's most vulnerable nation to a viral bioweapon
  • Terrorists can release bioweapons in Mexico, knowing the open southern border of the USA will allow the pandemic to quickly spread
  • The use of the military to fight pandemics is a mismatch: Soldiers are trained in "kinetic warfare" not biological warfare
  • If you want to stay alive in a viral pandemic, you need to stop suppressing your immune system
  • First, recognize the sources of immune-suppressing chemicals, food additives and medications
  • Pharmaceuticals deplete crucial minerals and nutrients from your body, robbing your body of crucial nutrients needed for immune function
  • Processed foods also poison your body and deplete nutrients; eating more fresh foods can help restore nutritional balance for proper immune function
  • Food additives destroy immune function; GMOs have been scientifically shown to cause cancer
  • Most foods people eat are nutritionally worthless
  • Solution: Buy more fresh produce and grown as much of your own food as you can
  • Frequently juice fresh produce and always buy organic where possible (organics are loaded with more nutrients and minerals)
  • Personal care products are loaded with toxic poisons: deodorants, skin lotions, shampoo, etc.
  • Laundry products coat your clothing in toxic chemicals that suppress immune function after being absorbed into your skin
  • You need to switch to a natural products lifestyle; throw out everything in your home that contains toxic chemicals
  • Popular perfumes are often made with cancer-causing chemicals
  • Throw out all your store-bought soap and replace with Dr. Bronner
  • Use only organic cosmetics and makeup products
  • Throw out all toxic products in your entire house and replace with "green" products
  • As a side benefit, you'll also prevent cancer in yourself and your entire household
  • Chronic sleep deprivation can seriously suppress your immune system
  • Be careful of over-exertion at the gym; it will temporarily suppress your immune function
  • Pay attention to indoor air quality to eliminate molds and spores
  • Growing plants indoors can help clean your indoor air
  • HEPA air filtration systems can also work wonders: IQ Air units work very well
  • Beware: Toxic heavy metals can also suppress immune function, and they're often found in organic superfoods or herbs grown in China
  • Visit for updates on heavy metals levels in various foods and supplements
  • Watch out for high levels of lead in some calcium supplements
  • Lead will suppress immune function and promote cancer
  • Certified organic does NOT mean low levels of heavy metals!
  • The FDA has no limits on heavy metals in foods
  • Fresh produce tends to be very clean, very low in heavy metals (especially organic produce)
  • Be sure to shop for superfoods and supplements that are tested and laboratory validated to have LOW heavy metals
  • Watch out for the immune suppressing damage caused by emotional stress; you are more susceptible to viral infections when you feel depressed or emotionally depleted
  • You can't expect to live in a sterile world; eventually you will be exposed to the pandemic virus if it's circulating
  • If you are wise, you can control WHEN your exposure occurs so that your immune function, rest and recovery are maximized
  • Your immune system has already saved your life countless times
  • Ebola deaths usually happen to people who are already immuno-compromised
  • You were born with a genetic blueprint for surviving pathogens and pandemics
  • Natural medicine can save lives by unleashing the miraculous healing potential of the human immune system
  • I believe in protecting humanity from all threats: Infectious disease, toxic chemicals, dangerous medications, heavy metals and more

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