Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 3: Ebola as a bioweapon, government quarantines and executive orders by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 3: Ebola as a bioweapon, government quarantines...
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  • How pandemics get started and spread
  • Every world power has developed biological weapons including Ebola strains
  • Governments stockpile biological weapons for national defense purposes
  • Government labs frequently lose track of where they've stored biological weapon samples
  • Biological weapons can be deployed deliberately or accidentally
  • A rogue government scientist could also release a bioweapon deliberately
  • Some scientists openly seek to use engineered viruses to reduce human population
  • Some world leaders seek to reduce human population by 6.5 billion people
  • Some people are theorizing that Ebola was deliberately released in Africa as a bioweapons test
  • Animal-to-human transmission
  • Ebola has the ability to rapidly mutate and evolve
  • Viral pandemics can out-maneuver the medical system
  • Long incubation periods allow people to covertly carry the virus even without their own knowledge (and without showing any symptoms)
  • New executive order allows U.S. federal government to quarantine anyone at gunpoint
  • Quarantine centers are really just death camps
  • Anyone who shows symptoms of infectious disease can be arrested and quarantined
  • All your freedoms are nullified by a national emergency declaration
  • Numerous executive orders give the federal government total control over all resources: food, farm animals, fuel, seeds, water, medicine, vehicles, etc.
  • Government can seize all your preparedness supplies... and it's LEGAL!
  • Governments will recruit "tattle" public to report people who are symptomatic
  • Don't trust any "official" information about a pandemic
  • Government won't risking causing a panic by announcing the truth
  • Why the media will always downplay the truth and follow a predictable script
  • U.S. military may be used to quarantine entire cities
  • It's very easy for infectious disease to enter the U.S. via the open southern border
  • Our intention is to help save lives
  • We are now in the "post-antibiotic era"
  • Why drug companies refuse to research new antibiotics

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